A Guide to Arizona Active Adult Communities
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ABOUT US - AZActiveAdultRealEstate.com

AZActiveAdultRealEstate.com  is a brand new concept to help guide possible buyers to the best representation possible when purchasing a property- whether it is a new home or a resale- in any of the Active Adult Communities in the Phoenix Metro Area.

We have organized a Network of Specialized Buyers' Agents for each individual community to serve you. There is no cost to you! 

We suggest that you do not make a major purchase for a resale home or a new home from a builder without the advice and guidance of an agent who has represented numerous buyers and sellers in a particular community. 

An agent who has worked extensively with a particular community is familiar with current community market trends, current inventory, available floor plans,  pricing, amenities and  any environmental issues, and is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. A Buyer's Agent who focuses almost solely on Active Adult Communities can answer your questions about homes for sale based on firsthand knowledge.  Specialization is the key!

www.AZActiveAdultRealEstate.com was created especially for buyers! After years of guiding people to the right fit in one of the active adult communities, I realized that buyers are better represented by an agent who has sold numerous properties in a particular community. There are so many details to consider, such as, activities offered, location, age, amenities, available floor plans, HOA rules and fees and the current market value of the properties. I want to make sure the buyer knows everything there is to know about the lifestyle offered in each specific community. Who knows best? An agent who resides within the community or has sold dozens of homes there. It's simply the best way to investigate all the possibilities! You deserve the best representation and guidance available! So call me and I'll connect you with a Professional Realtor who can help.

Should You Go it Alone When Buying from a Home Builder?

You have the right to be represented by a BUYERS' AGENT when you purchase a home from a Home Builder.  Your Realtor is invaluable, especially when they are familiar with the builder and the homes for sale.

Your buyers' agents job is to represent  your best interest throughout the transaction. This service helps you, the buyer, get  the best value for your money with the least hassle!

The builder representative at the model home may look and sound like a real estate agent there to help you, however, the builder rep is a highly trained SALES PERSON  who's sole purpose is to make a sale.

A builder's rep is a commissioned sales person who represents the builder - and it's all about the builder's agenda. They're really not looking out for you!  Real estate agents and Realtors are licensed professionals bound by law and professional ethics - while builder reps are not constrained by those requirements.

Representation by a buyer's agent is a FREE service to you!

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